White Papers

Below you can find some problems and solutions BFC has helped various companies solve in the endeavors to process credit cards in a cost-effective way.  We are always looking for additional topics to discuss so don’t hesitate to reach out with a question and we can work to provide you with an easy to understand answer.

My Processing Costs are Really High, What Can I do?

As the company has grown, we realize our current credit card processing costs are starting to get out-of-hand and want to find a way to reduce those costs.  By utilizing a payment gateway, multiple rates can be gathered to find the most competitive rate for the business.

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Reducing PCI Compliance Costs Through Outsourcing

The annual costs for PCI compliance across multiple sites and web applications seems very excessive ($100k or more) and trying to reduce those costs in house will take a long time or require purchasing more equipment to segment the card holder environment.  Outsourcing the hosting and maintenance of the card data can reduce the PCI scope of your organization by removing the card holder environment from the organization.

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