BFC now introduces Virtual Terminal v2.0 – the latest virtual terminal from Brinkman Financial Company, L.P.


  • Transaction Dashboard
  • Level 2
  • EMV and Card Swiper Support
  • Discounts, Shipping, Tax and PO Number (Level 2)
  • Split Payment Methods
  • ACH Support
  • Retail, eCommerce Processors
  • Customer and Wallets
  • International Address support
  • Multiple Merchant support

Customer Management

New Customer Sub-system added to allow merchants to keep a record of the custom and to link payment methods in the wallet system.


Available Transaction Reports:

  • End of Day
  • Batch Report
  • Tax Report

Recurring Features

New Recurring Interface with:

  • Dashboard View
  • Recent Payments
  • Setup Plans for common recurring subscriptions
  • Churn Rate Report (are you adding or loosing recurring transactions)
  • Graph of New Signups
  • Custom recurring schedules – Monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Yearly, Custom Dates
  • Payment History per subscription
  • Reports
  • Import and Export of Plans and Subscriptions
  • Skip Next Payment
  • Ability to turn on/off recurring subscriptions by Plan


New Payment Method storage system added to the system to save credit card or ACH account methods for future payments.  The tool allows for exporting and importing of payment methods.  A wallet is used to link to the recurring subscription, allowing a single point to modify the credit card details.

Configuration Options

With the new Virtual Terminal, you can configure the following settings:

  • Require the Security Code when submitting a keyed transaction
  • Require the reference number
  • Require each transaction to have an email address
  • Require a Billing address for keyed transactions
  • Expand the Billing address fields by default
  • Expand the Level 2 section by default
  • Option to send only the 5-digit US ZIP code for AVS checks
  • Define the maximum transaction amount
  • Email receipt layout and text content
  • Automatically print receipts if BFC Applet installed
  • Option to ignore AVS response code for Street Address or Postal Code
  • Option to ignore CVV2 response
  • Collect Tax on each transaction and the tax rate