Now any organization can create electronic transactions saving both time and money!

payACH (Technology you can bank on™) is a Windows™-based ACH origination application that puts you in control of originating Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions.

Now you can automatically process electronic transactions directly from your personal computer. payACH supports all National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) credit and debit transactions including:

  • Direct Deposit of payroll
  • Make State and Federal tax payments
  • Send or Receive Recurring dues and fees
  • Create Telephone-based electronic checks
  • Create Web-based electronic checks
  • Send or Receive Automatic Loan payments

Best of all, you can export your ACH Origination files directly to your bank and avoid paying third party fees. payACH is easy to set up, simple to use and includes industry-leading support! If you have any questions contact our sales team at by phoning (972) 242-8090.

BFC now announces the release of the 32-bit version of payACH that can run on all Windows computers.


The payACH evaluation software expires after 30 days. The evaluation version will not generate actual ACH files but will allow you to input batch information for evaluation. The batch information will remain after you have purchased and activated your copy. During installation, if asked to overwrite a “newer” file, tell the installer to “Keep” the existing version.

Purchase Pricing

payACH is licensed with an annual renewal on the anniversary of the installation. payACH provides different unlocked versions available to meet your price and needs. When ready, call BFC and select the Support option to activate the edition you wish to select.

Version Max Batches* Max Transactions* Annual License Cost
Direct Deposit 5 1,000 $249.95
Standard 5 1,000 $399.95
Professional unlimited unlimited $599.95

*total allowed at any given time
Prices effective 4/08/2019

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit version provides the PPD transaction type (Direct Deposit) and Tax payments only. Batch and transaction limitations are a maximum of 5 batches and 1000 records total (across all batches). For payroll purposes, this would allow you to create  5 separate batches with 200 employees in each batch, or 1 batch with 1000 employees.

Standard Edition

All ACH SEC codes will be available: TXP-Tax Payments, WEB-Internet Initiated Entry, PPD-Direct Deposit, XCK-Destroyed Check Entry, ARC-Accounts Receivable Entry, CCD-Corporate Loan Payments; Consumer Loan Payments; General Ledger Transaction or Child Support Payments. Refer here for a full list of all SEC codes this version of payACH offers. Batch and transaction limits of Direct Deposit version also apply.


Unlimited number of batches with unlimited number of transactions or employees can be entered. All ACH SEC codes are also available with this version. Refer here for a full list of SEC codes  this version of payACH offers. Customization work can also be done with this verison should you have a specific feature request.



payACH gives you the ability to pay employees, make tax payments or collect recurring fees all electronically. Corporations and organizations may also convert paper checks from phone or web sales to electronic transactions.

payACH was released in 1988 and is used by financial institutions as well as thousands of corporations throughout the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico. Listed below are just a few of the features payACH can provide your business to automate your financial transactions saving you time and money

  • Direct Deposit payroll processing
  • Originate Local, State and Federal tax payments
  • Telephone and Web-based Electronic Check transactions (we can even help you with your web interface!)
  • Process grouped debit or credit transactions, e.g. payroll deposits, club or membership dues, monthly loan payments, etc.
  • Standard and Professional payACH versions to meet varying processing requirements
  • Transmission Reminders for batches approaching the effective date
  • Multi-company capable
  • Administrator security options for multi-user environment
  • Multiple export features including Encryption option for secure delivery to your bank
  • Create NACHA-formatted files for transmission or delivery to a financial institution for entry into the Federal Reserve System
  • Automatic batch and transaction frequency parameters, e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Automatic pre-notifications
  • Add or edit all addenda information
  • Global transaction processing by effective date range for single and multiple batches
  • Password security for multiple users
  • Interface to payroll and accounting systems
  • Import National Automated Clearinghouse Association (NACHA) or ASCII formatted files created by PC, AS/400, or mainframe-based applications to automatically build batch transactions and files
  • ABA number mod-check verification at the transaction entry level
  • Windows™-based (32-bit operating systems+)


payACH customers include small to large businesses and organizations with one or more ACH processing needs:

  • e-Commerce payments generated from telephone sales or a Web site.
  • Payroll transactions from an internal or third-party payroll system
  • Recurring debit transactions such as periodic insurance premium payments
  • Recurring credit transactions such as dividends or monthly pension payments
  • RCK – Check Representment
  • Cash concentration
  • Funds disbursement
  • Local, State and Federal tax payments