BFC Gateway

All of BFC’s solutions start with our Gateway System. Gateway provides a common validation and payment submission system. Think of Gateway as a credit card routing program that accepts single or batch transactions and will direct the transaction to the appropriate credit card processor.  Credit Card Processor Independence. Many companies implement a payment gateway system only to find later that they are tied to a specific processor and locked into periodic fee increases.  BFC Gateway’s flexibility to interface with any processor gives you the ability to negotiate the best deal and change processors at any time.  BFC Gateway clients enjoy the freedom of processor independence.

BFC Gateway is PCI Level One Compliant and fully capable of processing all payment methods, including credit cards and electronic checks.

Validation Tools

The BFC Gateway can provide a number of validation functions that can be used for pre-authorization checks or stand-alone without any credit card authorization needed.

  • Credit Card Number: 14-19 digit card numbers. Identifies the card type (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, China Union Pay, JCB, Diners, etc), the card class (Commercial or Personal) and will tell you if the security code provided match the length defined by the card type.
  • Email address: will validate the format of the email address and can check to see if the email address provided has an email server that could potentially receive the email.
  • Phone Number: validates the format provided, standardizes the phone number, and returns the parsed phone number, and can identify the state the phone number area code is linked to.
  • ACH Routing Numbers: validates the 9-digit Fed Bank Routing number check digit and can validate the ABA number against the Fed Routing Number list and return validation information
  • US Postal Code: Validates the Postal Code against the US ZIP Code list and can compare the city and state provided to match the ZIP code.
  • Street Address: With a license from USPS, the system can standardize the provided address and validate that the address is deliverable or not. Gateway also provides the ability to add addresses that may be real but not working with the USPS database.

Transaction Query functions

BFC’s Gateway provides different queries against the transaction journal, transactions table or a batch. The transaction query concentrates on the status of a transaction based on the last operation. Batch queries can show all transactions associated with a single settlement batch.

Customer Storage System

The BFC Gateway system provides a Customer storage system and allows you to link a customer to a payment record and then utilize the Transaction Query functions to return the customer linked record.

Lookup Tools

Lookup tools allow you, the merchant, the ability to query the system for common data – country list, payment methods supported (credit card, ACH, cash, finance), states, provinces, and territories for different countries.

Transaction Functions

The core functionality of the Gateway is the ability to submit a payment transaction onto the payment network. For credit cards, the system can assign a different processor for each card type. Electronic Check (ACH) can support real-time or file/batch operations. Terminals are configured with an automatic settlement time. Transactions are run through our Fraud checks and a duplicate window check.

Credit Cards

  • Industry Types: Retail, eCom and Direct Marketing/Telephone Orders (MOTO)
  • Keyed, Swipe/Track, EMV, DUKPT
  • Address Verification System (AVS), Card Value Verification (CVV2/Security Code) response handling and lookups
  • Level 2 supported (see processor certification list)
  • Level 3 supported (see processor certification list)
  • US or International Address support
  • Credit and Debit network processing

Electronic Check

  • Checking or Savings
  • Support for Reference Number
  • PPD transactions
  • Real-time via specific processors
  • Batch-file support with the ability to upgrade to bank SFTP server (if configured/desired)

Wallet & Token System

BFC’s Gateway can store a wallet (full payment information and billing address information) or a single token value (typically the credit card number but no supporting information like billing address or expiration date).


Gateway has the ability to add, edit and manage the recurring transactions, linked to a Customer and a Wallet in the system.


Processor Type Retail eCom MOTO Track EMV Lvl 2 Lvl 3
ACH(file) e-Check
ACHDirect e-Check Credit Card X X X
EZCheck e-Check
FDMS Omaha Credit Card X X X X X
Global One Pay Credit Card X
Go eMerchant e-Check/CC X
Payliance e-Check
Paymentech Salem Credit Card X X X X X X
Paymentech Tampa Credit Card X X
TSYS Sierra Credit Card X X X X X X
Verifi Credit Card X

Fraud Prevention

BFC has 20 years of experience in analyzing fraudulent patterns and behaviors with eCommerce and online systems. Most companies struggle with creating and capturing the proper data for analysis and then creating and implementing strategies to prevent fraud and maintain a manageable strategy going forward. Our consultants can quickly determine the best methods and strategies to help save your company from this ever-growing and changing problem.

Once the Brinkman team has captured and compiled all necessary data, our consultants will document and report to your staff the specific fraud patterns currently being utilized against your company and the current trends on the web. Brinkman consultants will then analyze your internal processes to create a prioritized requirements document to build a solution.

Using the Requirements Document created during Analysis, Brinkman will develop a phased solution resolving the most severe fraud issues first. Once all phases are deployed and functional our consultants will work with your staff to ensure that they understand how to use the new administrative tools. In that way, they will be able to monitor and report any new fraudulent trends so you can react quickly to halt the activity.

Our consultants will work closely with your Fraud Prevention Team to continually develop new analysis and reporting to protect and enhance your company’s processes and assets.