We have a product for you ready made and if not ready today, we can customize to meet that unique need you have.  We have worked with shipping companies, banks, vacation and travel and retail companies to help make an affordable solution to each business.

Virtual Terminal v2.0

Virtual Terminal v2.0 is our newest addition to our product line.  We redeveloped our Virtual Terminal into a modern interpretation ready for prime time.  The tools provides a front-end interface to the BFC Gateway system and as such, every feature found in the Virtual Terminal can be utilized externally through our BFC API tools.  As features get added to the Virtual Terminal, the BFC Gateway is also improved.

Click here to learn more about the Virtual Terminal v2.0


Gateway is our credit card, electronic check, validation, lookup, customer, wallet, token tool all rolled into one.  The product was originally developed in 2006 and has since been proven out year-after-year with large volumes of transactions at any one time.

To find out more about the Gateway system, click here. 

Card Bank

Card Bank is the branded credit card capture tool that allows you to customize your credit card capture tool.  To find out more, click here.

Development Tools

BFC is not a closed system and will allows for others to connect to our system through our SOAP-based interfaces or via a POST message to the API tools.  More details about how to talk to the Gateway system via code can be found in the developers section.


When you need an electronic check (ACH) stand-a-lone product, pay-A-C-H is ready for you.  Our longest term product is available to meet your direct deposit or represented check needs.  Click here to learn more.

Server Automation Tools

Need a custom scheduling system that can run on multiple computers and work day-in and day-out?  We have our Scheduler system available to assist you in implementing your custom-code into a schedule-event.


Looking for a solution that will take your invoices and present them online for payment?  Nextbill is the solution for you.  The invoice data is imported, an email notification of the invoice is sent to the business or customer.  Businesses and customers can review the invoice, create disputes (optional) and make payments.  We’ll then send you back a payment remittance file according to your needs.  Click here to learn more.