General Pricing


To utilize BFC’s Gateway, BFC charges $9.95/mo and $0.03/transaction (defined as an authorization to the credit card network or ACH record created).  This price includes:

  • Access to BFC’s Virtual Terminal v2.0
  • Future access to BFC’s Mobile Solution
  • Includes Keyed, Track, EVM, Level 2 and Level 3 support (dependent on processor)
  • Checkout and Shopping Carts tools


  • Customer Management
    • <= 500 customers free
    • < 1000 customers $1.00/mo
    • < 5000 customers $2.00/mo
    • > 5000 customers $5.00/mo
  • Recurring
    • $5.00/mo unlimited recurring schedules
  • Tokens
    • $1.00/mo unlimited
  • Wallets
    • <= 500 wallets free
    • < 1000 wallets $1.00/mo
    • < 5000 wallets $2.00/mo
    • > 5000 wallets $5.00/mo
  • Branded Virtual Terminal
    • $12.00/merchant/month

API Access: Included with Gateway fee

Card Bank

Card Bank is the branded card capture and/or authorization tool allowing business to request a credit card of your customer.

  • $500/mo for first site + $250 per each branded additional site + .06/transaction fee
  • Access to BFC Virtual Terminal v2.0 to export reports, view transactions, issue refunds, etc.


BFC’s current hourly development cost is $125/hr.  Reduced rates for bulk work or large projects.

For Developer support utilizing our API tools, BFC offers 10 hours of help for a flat $300.

Solution Management

Please call to assist with scope determination and pricing.

Penetration Testing

Please call to assist with scope determination and pricing.

Additional Licensing Options

BFC also provides customers will various options to license the software.  We offer a hosted-solution, a licensed version that will allow you to install into your environment and we even offer a source-code license in case you need full control over your system.

With any solution, BFC can provide a white-label version of the solution.