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Welcome to Brinkman Financial Company, L.P.  We are a software development company that has specialized in payment processing solutions such as ACH processing and credit card processing through web-based tools or a stand-alone ACH software solution.

Banks, we have a variety of offerings to assist you and your customers

payACH as a stand-alone application to generate ACH files to deliver to you

  • Example customers: Storage Unit Providers, Apartment Rent, Membership for Clubs, Water Payments via Bank Draft, payroll payments.
  • Depending on the version, supports all SEC codes
  • Requires annual subscription

Virtual Terminal

  • Credit Card or ACH recurring payments with reports and a generated ACH file either manually downloaded or automatically sent to you
  • Chip-Card processing through your Credit Card Processor
  • Monthly fees

Web-based Invoice request with limited branding to collect funds from customer

  • Monthly fee for use
  • Can be Branded to your site or your customer’s site

Development of a banking web and mobile app, branded to your site

Pricing Models for the software:

payACH – Banks that resell the software will be invoiced at 20% of the retail price listed on the payACH product page

Virtual Terminal – see the Pricing model on our Pricing page


  • Started in mid-1980s and provided Cash Management and ACH solutions for banks
  • Provided an ACH processing and holding system called CAP2000
  • Provided Online Billing Solutions for various companies including DHL
  • Provided Virtual Terminal and Payment Integration solutions for various ISOs