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This article discusses how to use the Ingenico Retail Base Application Test App to test connectivity to the Ingenico iPP3xx equipment.

Required Software:

Stop the BFCSignalRBridge service if it is running.

Install the RBA Test app to the default directory. Start the “RetailBaseAppTestingTool” from the Start Menu.

From the Start screen, select the Serial options and select the “COM9” from the drop down option and press “Connect”

Start Screen of RBA Test Tool

If the software can connect, you will receive the following home screen. Click “Open Register” to see that the terminal changes from “This Lane Closed” to “Please Swipe or Insert Card.”

If it cannot connect, please adjust the values on the start screen to find the correct values. If all else fails, try to uninstall the Ingenico drivers and re-install the hardware. If the COM port is still present after uninstalling, manually removing the COM port may be necessary.