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Upgrading or Copying your payACH data to a new computer

Upgrade the software

For those currently running the 16-bit version of the payACH software, you can easily upgrade to the 32-bit application.

First, download the 32-bit version from this web site (

When installing the program, it will asks about that one file that is already “newer” on the computer, select “Yes, Keep My File” (ie, you want to keep the file on the computer).

Copy the data to the new install (or new computer)

Then, once the program installs, copy the .MDB files from your old computer (at least 6 files) and place them into the c:\ACHEntry32 directory on your new computer. 

You should have the following files (some files may be hidden in the c:\achentry directory of the old computer) :

  • Batches.mdb
  • Buffer.mdb
  • Company.mdb
  • QueSumm.mdb
  • Security.mdb
  • Taxtbl.mdb

The application will load these files without issue when you start the payACH32 program. 

When you get this done, call us and we’ll provide a pro-rated trigger code to enable the software for you.