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Merchant wishes to turn off the Amount confirmation screen within Postalmate and after changing the BFC Virtual Terminal Configuration for Optimized EMV, the terminal continues to ask for the amount confirmation.


The Optimized EMV option is actually a flash-memory setting within the terminal. BFC communicates any flash-memory configuration changes only during the first communication after the BFCSignalRBridge service is restarted/started. Additionally, if the Auto Start EMV option is turned on, it is recommended to disable this option, restart the service and have the configuration updated before turning Auto Start EMV back on.

Steps to Modify Flash-Memory Configuration Change

To trigger the communication to the terminal:

  1. Restart the Windows Service “BFCSignalRBridge” service via the Windows Task Manager or the Local Services applet. (Right-click on the entry and select Restart)
  1. Login to and navigate to the Virtual Terminal Configuration page and turn off “Auto Start” and check or uncheck the Optimized EMV option
    1. By turning off auto start, the commands to the terminal during the initial check phase will be executed without being interrupted by starting the transaction at soon as the terminal is talking to the page. Virtual Terminal Configuration EMV settings – EMV Device Settings
  1. In Cashmate, start a $1.00 transaction and navigate to the Credit Card payment page
  2. Wait about 30 seconds to allow the credit card page to make any changes to the terminal
  3. Cancel the Credit Card Payment page (it should take you back to the Cashmate screen to select the payment method)
  4. In the, turn on Auto Start
  5. In Cashmate, start the credit card form and test the transaction to verify the amount is not asked for (if optimized is turned on)

Additional flash memory settings

In addition to the Optimized EMV processing, the following changes are also flash-memory settings

  • Contactless EMV Enable/Disable (disabling is not fully configured)
  • Optimized EMV