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The current generation of Ingenico terminals have a removable connector that can be swapped to provide different types of connectivity options to the POS-system. This started with the iPPxxx series but has moved into the Tetra-Platform devices (for example, the Lane/3000, Lane/5000, Lane/7000 and Lane/8000). Typically these devices are shipped with a USB-connected cable but networking and an externally-powered USB cable can also be commonly found.

In this article, we will change the USB-connectivity cable to a Network-based cable connection.

You will need the following to accomplish this:

  • Tetra-Platform device
  • Ingenico Power Supply (part number 296196003 or 179901469) – 120V input, 8V DC @ 2A output
  • Ingenico Terminal to network connector (296106335AB or 296138452)

Switching Communication Modes

First, disconnect the terminal from the power supply and remove the USB connection from the back of the computer. Next, turn over the unit and lift up the tab where the cable connects to the terminal. If there are two screws under this tab, please remove them. Next, lift straight up the cable with the tab and it should pull from the back of the terminal.

Set this cable aside. Next, place the new cable onto the back of the unit in the appropriate slot. Add back the two screws. Now, Power the unit up and then once it get to the closed terminal screen, press “2634F” and from the menu that is displayed, select TDA.  Then select Configuration, Communication, Select Comm. Type and change it to Ethernet with the down arrows and the green button.  Press the Red X button to go back a menu and press it 2 more times.  It will ask if you wish to save and reboot.  Yes, you do. 

When it finishes booting, press 0000 and screen to the bottom of the screen.  It should show Comm Type=”ETHERNET-Server,” Mode=”DHCP” and the IP Address should be listed.  We’ll need that for the POS-Configuration page.

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