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A merchant requested an analysis to see if a Lane/8000 is faster for contactless than a Lane/5000. The Lane/3000 and Lane/5000 are very similar in device form but is a little newer. The Lane/8000 is the top of the line Tetra-Platform device.

Test Conditions:

  • Using a Core i7 5600U, shows this to have a benchmark number of 3,016 (comparing against a Core i5-8500, the benchmark shows as 9,600, so the test computer is running much slower than the merchant’s computer)
  • Use Lane/3000 running UPP 7.82.02; Lane/8000 running UPP 7.82.02
  • Same Cashmate application between tests
  • Start a transaction for $1.00 and start the credit card entry form.  Cancel from the form after each restart of the BFCSignalRBridge service (ie, between configuration changes)
  • Start the same transaction for $1.00
  • Present a Test Contactless BAD card multiple times to get an average time
  • Present a good contactless card to determine how fast a card can be read.  A good card transaction will be cancelled and the test restarted
  • Contactless read will be defined as the time the unit takes until the Beep is heard after the unit has completely finished all start sequences.
  • Timing via stopwatch; When stop watch time is started, the card is presented to the contactless reader; when beep is heard, the stopwatch is stopped
  • Internet Connection:
    • Hardwired, 1Gbps to Switch,
    • 100Mbps Download/113.85 Mbps Upload Fios Connection;
    • Data Center Location: Plano, TX
    • Source Computer location: DFW
    • Ping to is Minimum = 3ms, Maximum = 6ms, Average = 4ms


Times shown are all in seconds.

TestBad Contactless ReadAverage Bad ReadGood Contactless ReadAverage Good Read
Load time to Waiting for Customer  5.85, 6.0, 5.83, 6.015.92 seconds
Lane 3000 USB to Contactless Beep4.4, 4.8, 3.64.27 seconds3.40, 3.86, 3.41, 3.333.5 seconds
Lane 8000 USB to Contactless Beep4.56, 4, 4.224.26 seconds3.8, 3.34, 3.313.38 seconds
Lane 3000 via Network Interface3.93, 3.58, 3.70, 3.583.70 seconds3.42, 3.42, 3.183.34 seconds
Lane 8000 via Network Interface4.31, 3.65, 4.364.11 seconds3.48, 3.60, 3.26, 33.34 seconds


Comparing the speed of Contactless reads between the 8000 and 3000 (which is close to the 5000), it appears on a good read that they are about the same speed in returning a result. The speed does improve slightly when we are using a network communication instead of the USB.

According to their data sheets (, the different terminals have the following CPU processor installed:

Lane/8000 CPU: Cortex A5, 64 bits; 512 MB of Flash memory, 512 MB of RAM

Lane/3000 CPU: Cortex A5, 64 bits; 256 MB of Flash memory, 128 MB of RAM

Lane/5000 CPU: Cortex A5; 512 MB of Flash memory, 512 MB of RAM

None specify the contactless hardware in their data sheets (in case there is a different contactless reader component in there).