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Problem Description

When you start Cashmate, the first transaction generates an error about the “Security Certificate has expired or is not yet valid.”

Error Message


This is caused by the certificate that runs the BFC SignalR Service has used up the five-year initial time period from when the BFC Applet was installed.


You can easily generate a new 5-year certificate by navigating to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Brinkman Financial Company, L.P\BFC Applet v5 and right-clicking on the “generateSSL.cmd” and selecting “Run as Administrator.” This will generate and install a new 5-year certificate for the computer. Once this is complete, Restart the “BFC SignalR Bridge” from the Windows Services applet.

Right-click on generateSSL.cmd and Run as Administrator
Select the BFC SignalR Bridge and select “Restart” from the right-click menu or the top icon

You can then verify the issue is resolved by restarting Cashmate and starting a new credit card transaction.

More Information

You can find more details at Browser does not trust SignalR host.