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When using the SignaPay Credit Card Processing interface within PCSynergy’s Cashmate application, you get an error message with Script Error when loading the Authorize Credit Card window. Root cause: Embedded browser downloaded an incorrect file and it is now cached internally to the application. Solution: In the Options->Register Settings->Credit Card section of the Postalmate configuration, check the “Use Chromium” option.


Randomly or after updates, the Postalmate Cashmate system generates a Script Error and pops up the message about 6-10 times each time a credit card is being attempted to authorize.

One of the Script Error messages

For the first 4-5 errors, the same “Line: 1, Char: 1, Error: Invalid character” is present but for a different URL in the message. When we have been able to debug this error with Internet Explorer, we found a file that just contains spaces or other empty characters. We believe the file downloaded an invalid or incomplete file and is causing the file to be stored in cache of the application. Currently (12/2020), there is no known way to clear the cache of the application.

Current Solution

The current solution for this error is to use the “Use Chromium” option from the Credit Card configuration screen. From within Cashmate, cancel any pending sale and click on the Tools menu. From the Options pull out, select the Register Settings

Register Settings/Credit Card Settings

From the Credit Card tab, check the “Use Chromium” option

Chromium Browser Option

This changes the internal browser the Cashmate application will use from an Internet Explorer embedded browser to a Chromium-(ie, Google) based browser, which does not have these files cached internally at this moment. If you have the Chromium browser enabled, uncheck the option. Restart Cashmate after the change has been made.

Please note: The first use of the credit card payment screen using the Chromium browser may display only a grey background. It appears the first loading of the Chromium browser takes a little extra time than the non-Chromium browser. Cancelling the payment page and reloading the page will load faster and show the screen.

Additional Debugging ideas can be found here: