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payACH32 installer was downloaded but when we try to open it, we get an error about “Search for app in the Store.” We are running Windows 10, 1803 or better (use “winver” to find the specific version). Root cause: McAfee Anti-Virus would delete the installer after it is started without warning. Temporary disable antivirus product to allow installer to run.


After trying to download the payACH32.exe installer from the site, Windows 10 is telling you “Search for app in the Store?” and nothing happens.

When you try to look for the downloaded file, you see the following subsequent message:

Possible Reasons – Windows 10 Installer configuration

One potential area BFC looked at was the Windows 10 Apps & Features setting that control where applications can be installed from. Select the Settings from Windows 10.

Next, select the Apps settings

The first setting defines where applications can be installed from. Make sure the setting is set to “Turn off app recommendations” for the install of the payACH product.

Possible Reasons – Anti-Virus product running

Another reason the installer download disappears is that an Anti-Virus product is removing the product. You are welcome to scan the installer and verify no virus is present. In McAfee’s case, they actually removed the file from the computer without telling the user. If this is happening to you, you can temporarily disable the Anti-Virus product to allow the installer to run.