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How to determine what type of hardware is being used and what version of the RBA software is being used.


The Ingenico iPP320 V3 and V4 terminals are the only version of the iPP320 currently supported. The iPP320 V2 terminal has too slow of a processor to support the communication with the software.

The software can also support the Ingenico iPP350 color screen version.

How to check which version we have?

Version 2 of the iPP320 can be identified the by the coloring of the hardware package. The V2 device has a light grey background color around the display.

The iPP320v3 and v4 both appear with the same front face. The back of the unit has a V4 in the FCC-ID label to help identify if the unit is a Version 4 of the units or not.

Software Version

To identify the software installed on the device, power up the device and wait for the splash screen with the Retail Base Application version number on it.

Only 🙂 on the screen

If you powered on the device and only see the 🙂 and nothing else starts on the screen, it means the unit has had all of its software deleted. The device will need to be reloaded with a new operating system. Please contact support or ship the equipment back to the order fulfillment center.

RBA Splash Screen

When the Ingenico Device starts (you can restart the device by pressing and holding the Yellow “<” key and the “.,#*” key together for 3-4 seconds), the RBA splash screen will show the version number and the serial number of the device.

BFC currently supports 15.0.6 (v3 only) and 23.1.2 (v3+).

If your device is not either of these versions, it may not function correctly in the BFC applications.