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This article describes how to load or update an existing file on the Ingenico Terminal using the RBA (Retail Base Application) Test tool. The other method to bulk load and communicate with the terminal is through the LLT (Link Load Terminal) tool but that tool is not covered in this article.

General steps:

  1. Install RBA (Retail Base Application) from Ingenico onto the computer with the terminal ( You can download the installer from here.
  2. Stop BFCSignalR Service on the computer
  1. Run RetailBaseApplication and connect to terminal (typically Serial COM9)
  1. Press Close Register (if the display shows only “Open Register” you are good to go)
  1. Upload EMVCLESS.XML to the device via option [62..] File Write
    • Scroll down on the right-hand side of the list to [62.] File Write and double click on it.
    • Select the file to upload to the unit, verify the 8-bit encoding and then click “Write”
  1. Once the file has completed its upload, reboot terminal from RBA Tool by scrolling to the “[97.] Reboot” option in the right-hand side (Double-Click and click on the “Send” button).
  2. Close RBA tool and start the BFC SignalR Bridge service.