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This video shows how to change your iPP320/iPP350 from USB communication to a network-based communication, allowing greater flexibility with the BFC applet code.

Original Source Location:

Part Numbers for Ethernet cable:

  • 296106335AB: Network Cable
  • 179901469: Ingenico Power Supply model 153051; Input: 120V, output: 8V DC @ 2A


Power the unit up and then once it get to the closed terminal screen, press “2634F” and from the menu that is displayed, select TDA.  Then select Configuration, Communication, Select Comm. Type and change it to Ethernet with the down arrows and the green button.  Press the Red X button to go back a menu and press it 2 more times.  It will ask if you wish to save and reboot.  Yes, you do. 

When it finishes booting, press 0000 and screen to the bottom of the screen.  It should show Comm Type=”ETHERNET-Server,” Mode=”DHCP” and the IP Address should be listed.  We’ll need that for the next step.