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iPP320 not communicating but shows connected

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Everything is showing green – Bridge Service is a green check mark, EMV is a green check mark but the device does not work. The device shows “This Lane Closed” but yet no communications happens.

Things to Check

First, check to see if the Ingenico iPP320 is powered up and on the This Lane Closed message is displayed. If the device is stuck on “:-) ” or “TSA 0310”, the device is not fully loaded. Contact your Merchant services provider to get a replacement unit.

Next, if the device is at This Lane Closed, but the communication does not work through the BFC sites nor through the Ingenico RBA test application (, it is possible the device is communicating through a different method than it is expected.

Quick Check on Communications Method

Ingenico iPP320 has a quick and easy way to check what communications mode the device is on. From the “This Lane Closed” home screen, press the “F” key 4 times.

At the top of the page, you will see the Interface: USB <> Serial Conv

If the Interface is not USB <> Serial Conv and you are using the USB cable, it needs to be changed by pressing the F2 key and selecting the correct interface.