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To assist BFC and customers with identifying different part numbers that can be utilized with the BFC Applet v5.1.

Terminal Hardware

Part NumberDeviceVersionTested?
iPP320-01P1547AiPP320v2No, too slow
iPP320-11T2390AiPP320v3Yes, RBA 15.1.6 or 23.1.2
iPP320v4Yes, RBA 23.1.2
iPP350-11T1913AiPP350Yes, RBA 15.1.6 or 23.1.2
MRN30310702ALane/3000Certified 5/2020, UPP v 6.71+
PMF30910412ALink/2500Tetra Platform (UPP Operating System),
Lane/3000 compatible


The below cables are not the only cables Ingenico sells for the terminals. The recommended cable, a USB with External Power requirement, is recommended to avoid any issues with the computer USB port not providing enough power to run the terminal correctly. If you experience a situation where you insert the card and then the processing stalls, it maybe related to a low power situation.

Part NumberDescription
296113786ABTerminal cable to USB, 3m with L connector (Power from computer only)
296113773ABTerminal to curly USB, 1 m with L connector (Power from computer only)
Terminal to straight USB, 3m AND external power connector. External Power Required
* this is the recommended cable
Terminal to COM port with external power required
Terminal to Network connector; external power required
296100039ABTerminal to straight USB, 3m. No external power required.

External Power

We recommend using the Ingenico Switching Power Supply, Model PSC16A-080L6, part number 296196003. Input: 100-240V (50-60Hz) .5A Max; Output: 8V DC at 2.0A