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During some support situations, it may become necessary to pull some of the Applet running logs. These are stored within your browser in a section called “Local Storage.” First, you need to be on the site that we are pulling the logs from.

Local Storage from Browser (General)

To access Local Storage from your browser, start the browser and then open the Developer Tools (typically F12 on your keyboard). Each browser will then be different to find the “Local Storage” setting.


In Chrome, you can find the local storage section by navigating the Application tab and expanding the Local Storage option from the left-hand menu. In the above print screen, you see some values stored in there but no log details from BFC’s applet because we are not on the web page.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not contain a GUI-interface and you must use the Console tab and type “localStorage” and press enter to see the content of the local storage. In this case, it is empty (as identified with the length = 0)


Firefox Logs

Firefox, the Local Storage is found under the Storage tab in the develop tool bar. Expand the Local Storage link in the left navigation and then you can see the current logs for the date. In this example, you see that we have logs from the BFC applet with 2019-08-14.


Edge also has a GUI interface under the Debugger tab. You can expand the Local Storage and then see the web site listed below that. In the left-hand side, you can select the appropriate date to copy the content into a text file and then send it to BFC support.

From Virtual Terminal v2.0

With BFC’s new Virtual Terminal, we added new interfaces to access the stored logs from all parts of the site. You can access the logs by clicking on the “Debug” link in the upper right corner.

Next, click the Logs button

The resulting page will then load all logs for today. In the bottom right-hand corner, you can select different dates. You can highlight the dates/times in question, copy and paste into a Word or similar formatted document.

From Postalmate

Start a new transaction and start a Credit Card payment option. Next, click the little black arrow to expand the debug information.

Next, click the blue Logs button and select the date in question.

All of the log content will now pop-up in a new Internet Explorer window.

Next, press the Alt key and select File and then Save As. On the file save dialog you must change the File Type to WebPage, HTML Only. If you do not, the log file is unreadable. We recommend saving the file as the date of the log.