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EMV processing hangs often

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You have been processing through the day and using the EMV terminal and then all of a sudden, nothing happens and you have to key-enter the transaction and you’ve been restarting the BFCSignalRBridge service multiple times a day to keep things working ok.

The root problem is the BFCSignalRBridge service is running an older version of the application and even when installing the latest from the web site, it is still running the old version.


Everything would work normally but then randomly, when loading the page, the system would just freeze/hang. It could be right before a transaction or just after a transaction.

Current users have been able to restart the BFCSignalR Service from the services window or by using the Task Manager and ending the BFCSignalRServiceBridge.exe.

Windows Services applet
BFCSignalRBridge Service
Task Manage highlighting BFCSignalRBridge for End Task
How to End Task the BFC SignalR Bridge Service

How to Check the Version of the Bridge Service

There are two methods to verify the version of the bridge service. Every time the applet is started, the debug window will show the Bridge version.

Debug window expanded showing the Bridge Version from the Virtual Terminal interface

The second method is to use the Windows Explorer and navigating to the c:\Program Files (x86)\Brinkman Financial Company, L.P\BFC Applet v5\ directory and check the date/time of BFCSignalRServiceBridge.exe. Please refer to the KB article that lists the different versions of the BFCSignalRBridge Service (

Folder view of the BFC Applet v5 directory


To solve the hang problem, please uninstall ALL “BFC Applet” entries. Next, delete the c:\Program Files (x86)\Brinkman Financial Company, L.P\BFC Applet v5 directory.

Next, download the current version of the BFC Applet v5.1 from the Support section of the BFC Virtual Terminal and install the applet.

Verify the version of the Bridge Service by starting Virtual Terminal and expanding the Debug window.