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Merchants would like to custom their home screens of their terminals throughout the year. It is possible to modify the image that the system is using without too much difficulty. Everything starts from the Offline.K3Z file, which is the Lane Closed screen on the terminal. The Offline.K3Z file is different per terminal due to the image size of the screen.

Screen Sizes per Terminal

You can find the image size of your terminal at the Ingenico web site under the “Data Sheet” section.

Lane/3000: 320×240 pixels

Lane/7000 and Lane/8000: 800×480 pixels


This file defines the layout and location of the different text and images on the screen and can be read with a Text editor.

Contents of the Offline.K3Z, Lane 3000

In this screen, there are 3 images – Header.png, HomeScrn.png and BG-IngBase1.png

The Header.png is resized to 315 x 136px and is obviously the SignaPay Logo, resized for the device.

The Red bar background is in the BG-IngBase1.png. The HomeScrn.png file is 41 x 315 pixels and has the text Thank you for Shopping with Us.

Contents of the Offline.K3Z, Lane 7000 or 8000

In the Lane 7000/8000 file, we have a similar list of files for images. The same Header.png file is used but resized to 307px x 47px.

LnDisPrompt.png (the red-bar section on the home screen)

The text on the page is stored in a different file and cannot be easily updated.

Changing the Text/Image

Let’s change the image for the “Thanks for Shopping with Us” to “Thanks for coming in.” Using an image editor (Paint), start new file and set the image size to 315 x 136

Using Paint to Change Text

Now, save the file as HomeScrn.png. Navigate to the BFC Admin site ( and login. Under the Virtual Terminal section, find the EMV Device Config.

Menu Navigation for finding the EMV Device Config

Press the Choose Files button and navigate to your new HomeScrn.png file and the file will upload. You can then press the Open Register button followed by the Close Register button and the new image should be displayed.

More Complex Update

If you’d like to get additional customization (text on screen or different image layout), please reach out by the Contact Form and let us know what you are looking for. Yes, you can edit the Offline.K3Z file but there are certain image files and text files that cannot be uploaded via our web page.

Original File(s)

Lane 3000:

Lane 8000