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Brinkman Financial Company, L.P. has received their EMV Contactless Certification for the Ingenico Lane/3000 terminal unit. This unit is part of the Ingenico Tetra Platform ( and therefore any unit within the Tetra Platform can communicate with BFC’s Gateway system and submit EMV transactions according to the current rules (June 2020).

Turning on Contactless EMV

To enable Contactless EMV, visit the Virtual Terminal Configure page from either the site or the site(s). Once logged in, the terminal configuration needs to “turn on” the contactless option. This will tell the software that you wish to accept contactless transactions. By default, this setting is turned Off as of the writing of this document.

Virtual Terminal v2.0 Config: Turning on Contactless EMV
Virtual Terminal ( Configuration for Contactless and PreTap

Next, the system can support PreTap transactions – this allows the terminal to accept a Contactless credit card “tap” before the final amount is known at the register. This feature is only supported for the Tetra Platform at this time. During certification, this was required to be turned ON because some large dollar transactions would fail to process if the terminal had to negotiate the amount of the transaction with the chip.

Virtual Terminal 2.0 PreTap Configuration

iPP320 v4 Support

BFC has tested Contactless EMV within the Postalmate application and the Virtual Terminal solutions. We have found the PreTap option is not supported but the Contactless transaction can process without issue. When using the iPP320, a new terminal configuration file will be required to be loaded. Currently, the BFC Admin site’s EMV Device load does not work with this size of the file. To load this file with the terminal in the field, a support request is required along with a complex series of steps to load the terminal in the field. SignaPay/BFC can load the configuration setting if the terminal is sent back to SignaPay’s office if that is more cost effective.

Running a Transaction

To run a Contactless EMV transaction, do the same steps you do for a Contact EMV transaction – fill in the amount and click the “Authorize/Submit” button. This will trigger the software to talk with the terminal and start a transaction. The terminal screen should show “Insert, Swipe or Tap Card” rather than just “Insert or Swipe Card” on the terminal screen. If the PreTap option is working, once the page loads, the terminal should change from “This Lane Closed” to “Final amount unknown; tap card now.” Once the final amount is known, click the “Run EMV” or Submit button and the system will process the final amount with the pre-tapped card.