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When I start a transaction, the icon for the Bridge service shows not running but when I look in the Windows Services, it shows the program IS running. What’s wrong?

Bridge Service not running
BFCSignalRBridge service is running

Test via Browser if service is not connecting

Using your browser of choice, start a new window and navigate to https://localhost:3068/signalr/hubs

Browser Window Showing Bridge Service not connecting

If you see this message, it is most likely the SSL Certificate that was automatically generated and bound to your computer has been broken. To fix, this, we can run the generateSSL.cmd command to generate a new SSL certificate and assign it to the computer.


  1. Start Windows Explorer to navigate to the c:\Program Files (x86)\Brinkman Financial Company, L.P\BFC Applet v5\ directory.
  2. Right click on the “generateSSL.cmd” file and select “Run as Administrator”
  3. It will ask if you want to allow this app to make changes to your device. Select “Yes”
  4. You will see a black box start and it will start showing text related to removing OLD certificates and then quickly adds a new certificate
generateSSL.cmd running
  1. Next, refresh the browser by pressing the reload button (F5, Shift-F5 or click into the URL and then press Enter key)

Once you see that there is text, please reload your application and the Bridge service should be present and detecting your hardware.