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Certification Letter 06/2020

When certifying for EMV, we have to define a lot of parameters and decide how the terminals will be used in the environment.  BFC has made a number of assumptions during this process but here is a summary of what the system can do in the current certification:

  • Message/Transaction Types supported:
    • Debit Purchase, Debit Return/Refund, Debit Reversal
    • EMV Contact, EMV Contactless
    • Sale, Return/Refund, Reversal, Terminal Authentication, Partial Authorization, Offline, Void, Purchase Return Authorization, MOTO, Authorization/Capture
  • Payment Types supported:
    • American Express
    • Diners
    • Discover
    • JCB
    • MasterCard, MasterCard BIN2
    • Visa
    • EMV Debit
    • China Union Pay(CUP) (will require an update to the BFC SignalR to support Chinese encoding for Name on Card)
  • Card Acceptance: Card Not Present, Card Present
  • Features:
    • AVS (Address Verification Service)
    • CVV/CID (Card Verification Value/Card Identifer)
    • Level II/Commercial Card
    • Level III/Enhanced Data
    • NFC/RFID
    • Tip Adjust
    • Tip at Time of Sale
    • EMV PIN Bypass
    • EMV Quick Chip (allows the customer to remove the card quicker than waiting for a response from the processor)