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Below is a list of the BFC SignalR Bridge versions released and available for download with a short description of what changed.

VersionDate of BFCSignalRInstallerSummary
9/22/20171.0.6474.1131520170918 06:175.0.0Initial installer
3/23/20181.0.6656.2079520180323 11:335.0.0Initial attempt at running browser detection
4/24/20185.1.6688.2546120180424 14:085.1
5/29/20185.1.6723.2847620180529 15:495.1Installer and Bridge Service COM port detection
06/06/20185.1.6729.2024420180604 11:145.1Browser Detection Logic improvement
06/21/20185.1.6729.2024420180604 11:145.1Firefox missing exe and missing iexplore.exe
10/01/20185.1.6848.1876020181001 10:255.1SignalR Library + IP connectivity preference order to local network
02/18/20195.1.6988.1947520190218 09:49Disconnects all BUT current connection with new Client ID provided
02/26/20195.1.6996.2261920190226 12:20Adds function for Printer List, Fixes Freeze situations by adding time limits to operations, Upgraded SignalR and Owin, Clear the Outbound buffer, too. Installer fixed to allow upgrades without killing the SSL Certificate.