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BFC SignalR Bridge Stuck on Stopping

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You have attempted to restart the BFCSignalRBridge service or end tasked the BFCSignalRBridge.exe service but the service status continues to show “Stopping” even after you reboot the computer. The computer did not actually reboot in the sense that it shut down everything and restarted from scratch. This is a technology called Microsoft Fastboot.

What is Microsoft Fastboot?

Microsoft Windows, since Windows Vista, has feature called Fast Startup or Fast Boot (  What it does, when enabled, is it will logout the user’s session and then save all the running apps to hard disk and reboot.  Once rebooted, it restores from the hard drive and starts running from that point forward.  The link above describes where the setting is found if you wanted to turn it off to always start with a clean slate. 

We also found that we could execute the following command from the Command Prompt to restart cleanly without this feature for a 1-time event (

>Shutdown /r /t 0

How to change the setting

If you want a quick way to find this setting, open your settings screen (the little gear on the left side of the Start Menu)

Settings Icon under Start menu

Type “Power” in the search box at the top of the page

Settings – Searching for Power

Choose the “Power & sleep settings” and from that screen, select Additional Power settings

Power and Sleep

This opens the old style Control Panel. Click on the “Choose what the power buttons do” link on the left

Choose what the power buttons do

You can now see if the Fast boot option is enabled or disabled – it will be greyed out but you can press the “Change settings that are currently unavailable.”