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Restart Sequence

To “reset” everything without having to restart the computer:

  1. Stop any browsers or software utilizing the BFC SignalR Software
  2. Stop the Windows Service:

If the service is stuck at “stopping,” bring up the Task Manager and navigate to the Details tab and search for BFCSignalRBridge.exe (you may have to click “Show All Processes” button on the bottom of the Task Manager) and End Task the program:

  1. Restart the Ingenico terminal by pressing the Yellow-Key and the “.,#*” key at the same time for about 3 seconds together. 
  2. Start the BFCSignalRBridge Service
  3. Restart Cashmate or Virtual Terminal

BFCSignalRService Bridge is still stuck at Stopping

If you tried to End Task the BFCSignalRBridge.exe program and get either Access Denied or nothing, it is most likely the service is stuck and the computer does need to reboot. If you reboot and then see that the service is still stuck on Stopping, we need to examine the Fast Boot Settings on your computer (found in the Power Options of your computer). See on how to find out if Fast Boot/Fast Startup is enabled on your computer. This technology saves the running operating system to disk instead of forcing a full restart sequence. If you want to force a one-time full reboot sequence, use the following command from an Administrator Command Prompt:

shutdown /s /t 0

According to Microsoft’s documentation, this will reboot without the hybrid shutdown process ( for more information).