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“Authorize credit card” screen is frozen at “processing”

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The system was processing credit cards fine and then all of a sudden, the system just stops at the “Processing” window and nothing else happens.

Stuck at Processing
EMV Processing message


When looking for what is occurring, press the Debug button and then expand the Log window. Are there any “red” errors on the screen?


Error: “JAVASCRIPT UNCAUGHT ERROR – Unable to get property ‘Lookup’ of undefined or null reference – URL – …. Line Number 1650”

In this case, the application is showing there was a failure to successfully look-up the Country list. You can see the result of this by scrolling down to the Country and State/Territory drop downs and verifying nothing is present.

Debug Process

BFC’s first step in debugging this error was to open an Internet Explorer window and access the URL with the “Developer Tools” open (to capture the network activity when accessing the site).

Right click on the GatewayAPI.asmx Name/Path and select “Copy Response Payload”

Take the response data into a new Notepad window and paste the data

In the warning message, there is a message about “Please check your clock.”

Correction Steps

Right Click on the Time & Date in the bottom right corner of your task bar and select “Adjust date/time”

On the time configuration page, please verify the following are set:

  • Set time Automatically is set to “On”
  • Set time zone automatically is set to “Off”
  • Time zone drop down matches your current time zone.
  • Adjust for daylight saving time automatically is configured as you need for your location.

Cancel the current transaction screen and then re-enter the payment acceptance page again by clicking on the appropriate card type presented. The Country and State drop down should now be filled in and no error is display.

Run the transaction and verify the fix is complete.