Brinkman Financial Company, L.P., is a payment solution provider with the ability to create custom solutions for your needs – web, retail and mobile solutions.  We want you as a long-term customer, providing a partner for your payment processing needs.

Stand-alone Payment Solutions to accept credit card (keyed, swiped, EMV) or ACH payments.

Tools to integrate our solutions into your projects

Application Programming Interfaces for Developers

Easy Acceptance Payment tools

Custom Web Sites Development & Hosting

Support for Recurring Payments

Find a Solution for you:

Brinkman Financial can provide a white-label Virtual Terminal with EMV-capabilities along with a mobile solution (in progress) utilizing the same core logic between systems.  BFC can also provide your ISO with additional payment features and functionality.

BFC works with different businesses to help provide a credit card acceptance page or process a credit card while maintaining the appearance of the company’s site.  We have supported various Online Billing solutions, credit card payment pages, and credit card capture pages, all to reduce your PCI in-scope systems.  We also offer our Card Bank product to provide a simple branded solution for capturing credit card details and potentially process a transaction.

BFC can provide a stand-alone solution with our Virtual Terminal, supporting the ability to accept multiple payment methods.  We can connect you with our Merchant Services partner, SignaPay, to open a merchant account and process through our solutions.

eCommerce is where BFC started with credit card processing and we can help.  We can help with a hosted-page, a branded page, or API tools to integrate into your site and accept the credit card transaction.

Yes, we can provide you a payment Gateway with access to different credit card processors or ACH processors.  We can help you route your transactions according to your business rules.

BFC can help you do that with a development consulting fee.  You pay us to provide a library to help process EMV transactions via your software.  If you are stuck with some solution you are currently working on, we can help with our long-term knowledge of the EMV processing world.

We have a recurring processor that is ready to run and are working on enhancing our Virtual Terminal solution to provide merchant-controlled subscription services while also starting work with an end-user web page tool to provide a subscription management tool.  Stay tuned for more product announcements

We currently support Retail (in-store), eCommerce (keyed-transactions with or without 3DS support), and Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) merchants.

We have a new product called Card Bank that will allow you to do that.  See our product/pricing page to see more details.

Quick About Us

As a software development company since its inception in 1983, BFC has many options to help your business succeed. We provide hosted solutions with a per-terminal cost, installed-on-premises licensing or a full source code license.  BFC gives you the control over your data regardless of your business size.  BFC has been PCI-Compliant Level 1 since the standard’s inception in 2006 (see Visa’s web site at