Gateway Services

Our fourth-generation Payment and Information Gateway can support any e-Commerce or m-Commerce application. The BFC Gateway features a robust Administration System to interface with your business.

Payment Gateway

Credit Card Processor Independence. Many companies implement a payment gateway system only to find later that they are tied to a specific processor and locked into periodic fee increases.  BFC Gateway's flexibility to interface with any processor gives you the ability to negotiate the best deal and change processors at any time.  BFC Gateway clients enjoy the freedom of processor independence.

Compatible with all Credit Card, Electronic Check and IVR Phone Payments. BFC Gateway is PCI Level One Compliant and fully capable of processing all payment methods, including credit cards, electronic checks and over-the-phone IVR payments.

BFC Gateway provides the capability to process any payment multitude or type via e-Automation or phone-automation.

mCommerce Gateway

The BFC Gateway is capable of real-time syncing of product inventory and customer database information. This functionality is the basis of BFC’s mobile technology infrastructure.

Fraud Prevention

BFC has more than a decade of experience in analyzing fraudulent patterns and behaviors with eCommerce and online systems. Most companies struggle with creating and capturing the proper data for analysis and then creating and implementing strategies to prevent fraud and maintain a manageable strategy going forward. Our consultants can quickly determine the best methods and strategies to help save your company from this ever-growing and changing problem.

Once the Brinkman team has captured and compiled all necessary data, our consultants will document and report to your staff the specific fraud patterns currently being utilized against your company and the current trends on the web. Brinkman consultants will then analyze your internal processes to create a prioritized requirements document to build a solution.

Using the Requirements Document created during Analysis, Brinkman will develop a phased solution resolving the most severe fraud issues first. Once all phases are deployed and functional our consultants will work with your staff to ensure that they understand how to use the new administrative tools. In that way, they will be able to monitor and report any new fraudulent trends so you can react quickly to halt the activity.

Our consultants will work closely with your Fraud Prevention Team to continually develop new analysis and reporting to protect and enhance your company’s processes and assets.