Electronic Commerce Systems

Brinkman Financial Company can provide a wide range of solutions to assist clients with their e-Commerce needs, from a simple web page that accepts a payment to shopping cart integration assistance. Whatever your needs, BFC has a solution for you.

Embeded Web Payment Pages

For clients that need a cost-effective, quick, PCI-compliant payment solution, BFC provides the Embedded Browser. With this solution, the customer is displayed the credit card entry form within an “iFrame”—embedded seamlessly—and hosted by BFC. The entry form can allow the customer to fix the payment amount, adjust the style of the form, and even integrate Card Swipe and Receipt Printer technology. All without processing or storing credit card data within your servers.

Custom Web Payment Pages

For a simple payment page solution that matches the style and design of your site, BFC can create a payment acceptance page that can provide custom validation according to your specific business’ rules. This solution can provide the needed Account Receivable information in the format needed by utilizing our Virtual Terminal site or a special file format download option that can be added, depending on your needs.

Donation Web Pages

For non-profit organizations, Brinkman Financial can create a concise site that will accept credit card transactions. The site provides the flexibility in the text presented to potential donors, allows for a number of images, shows the current progress of a fundraising campaign and provides a hard or flexible deadline for accepting donations. The site can also provide notification regarding tax-deductible status and even allow you to send custom email messages thanking donors for their donations. These sites are ideal for customers that have a short-time need for a quick payment solution in times of need.

Fundraising Web Pages

In addition to accepting donations, BFC can provide fundraising solutions that allow organizations to raise funds for activities, such as baseball team, dance team, cheer team, band, etc. The system can integrate links to other sites and show how much money has been raised at any given point. For fund-raising on the go, BFC’s mobile-Commerce solution can assist the organization in collecting payments.